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The album "Cassiopeia" by Pavel Dovgal, released in 2010, is a unique sonic journey that combines elements of hip-hop, downtempo, and electronic music. The album's title refers to the Cassiopeia constellation, reflecting the cosmic theme and atmosphere of the music.

The tracks on the album are filled with soundscapes that evoke a sense of traveling through space. This is achieved through the use of synthesizers, atmospheric effects, and rich sound textures.

"Cassiopeia ( Reissue ) 2024"

1.  Road to...
2.  Girango
3.  Quant Magic
4.  Lyra Bird
5.  Parade Your Planets
6.  Sacred Chants Of Shiva
7.  Blue Phoenix
8.  Andromeda
9.  Cassiopeia
10. LA
11. Document
12. Solar Midnight
13. Milky Way 
14. Spice Melange
15. Sacred Chants Of Shiva (Comfort Fit Remix)

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