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"Bedouin (Reissue)" is a captivating dive into Pavel Dovgal's sonic world, breathing new life into his old works with fresh energy and sound. This album serves as a unique journey into the past, aiming to capture the attention of both longtime fans of Pavel's extensive artistic history and new admirers eager to discover his unique style.

"Bedouin ( Reissue ) 2024"

1.  Entrada
2.  Silence (feat. Graciela Maria)
3.  Jesu Song (Prelude)
4.  Jesu Song (feat. John LaMonica)
5.  I Tried (feat. John LaMonica)
6.  909
7.  The Drug (Prelude)
8.  The Drug (Instrumental)
9.   Egyptian mode
10. Bedouin Dance
11. Voices
12. Photonics
13. Transition (feat. Robot Koch) 
14. Rainbow

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